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psychological manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements

Question  1
What is a cult?
Question   2
What types of cults exist?
Question 3
How many cults exist & how many   members?
Question 4
Are cults limited to the US?
Question 5
What is mind control?
Question 6

Is mind control different from the ordinary social conditioning employed by parents and social institutions?

Question 7
Who joins cults and why?
Question 8
How do people who join cults change?
Question 9
How can cults harm people?
Question 10
How do cults harm society?
Question 11
Why do people leave cults?
Question 12
Is leaving a cult easy?
Question 13
What is exit counseling and how does it differ from deprogramming?
Question 14
What can parents of cultists do?
Question 15
How can parents and others help cultists voluntarily reevaluate their cult involvement?
Question 16
What can educators, clergy, and others do to protect young people against cults?

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