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ICSA resources about psychological manipulation, cultic groups, sects, and new religious movements.


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Cult Observer Reprints


Psychological Manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements

Selected Guest Columns

  • Aagaard, Johannes. Professor Aagaard on New Religious Movements
  • Robbins, Thomas. Cult Experts Taking Sides (with replies from Dr. Arthur Dole and Herbert Rosedale, Esq.)
  • Schwartz, John L. A Trend That Should Deeply Trouble Us All
  • Enroth, Ronald. Friend of the Court or Friend of the Cult?
  • Tucker, Robert. Legal Intimidation
  • Dole, Arthur A. Is Brainwashing an Unproved Hypothesis?
  • Debold, Walter. The Insights of Vaclav Havel
  • Goldberg, W., & Goldberg, L. From the '60s to the '90s: Changes We've Seen
  • Rudin, A. James. Jonestown was a Warning
  • Martin, Paul. Study Indicates Rehab's Benefits
  • Langone, Michael. "Plagio" - Undue Influence Addressed in Italy
  • Dodd-Bova, Adeline. Low Priority for Child Welfare
  • Vane, Daphne. FAIR and the Council of Europe
  • Hassan, Steve. Moonies: "Things Never Change"
  • Plevin, Toby L. Beware Scientology Investigators
  • Pinson, Maxine. Recognizing Healthful Leaders
  • Langone, M., & Martin, P. Deprogramming, Exit Counseling, and Ethics: Clarifying the Confusion
  • TM-Ex. Coping with Trance States
  • Langone, Michael. Are "Sound" Theology and Cultism Mutually Exclusive?
  • Goski, Patricia. Grief, Loss, and the Former Cult Member
  • Lottick, Edward. Congresspersons: An Endangered Species
  • Rosedale, Herbert L. NPR One-Sided on Moon Movement
  • Strekfus, Paul. Analyzing the Scientology-IRS Agreement
  • Dole, Arthur A. Viewing the "New Age" Phenomenon
  • Debold, Walter. Cults and Clergy
  • Clark, David. Don't Ignore Predictions of Apocalypse
  • Langone, Michael. The Cult Problem in Japan
  • Singer, M., & Lalich, J. The Social Meaning of Aum Shinrikyo
  • Knapp, Patrick. Recovery From Cults: Perspectives
  • Martin, Stephen. Survey of Evangelicals' Views on Cults
  • Langone, Michael. Study Reveals Cultic Group's Abuses (Boston Movement)
  • Lalich, Janja. Repairing the Soul After a Cult
  • Martin, Paul. Cults and Health
  • Rudin, Rabbi James. Heaven’s Gate: "People Still Don’t Get It!"
  • Hassan, Steve. Protesting Moon Mass Marriages
  • Siegel, Shirley. Manipulative Therapists.

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