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ICSA resources about psychological manipulation, cultic groups, sects, and new religious movements.


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Psychological Manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements


Cult Observer Reprint Collections: News Highlights III

  • Cults in Alps Worries Government. [Mandoram]. New Jersey Sunday Herald, 2/11/96
  • Russian Doomsday Cult Leaders Jailed. [White Brotherhood]. The Times of London, 2/10/96
  • More Solar Temple Suicides Feared. The Gazette, Montreal, 4/24/96
  • The Way International Said to be Resurgent. The Sunday Record, NJ, 3/17/96
  • Cult Awareness Network Forced to Liquidate. Cult Observer Report, 9/96
  • Cult Leader "Brother Julius" is Dead. AP in New Haven Register, 7/30/96
  • CUT Organizational Changes. Billings Gazette, 7/11/96
  • "Laughing" Worship Evaluated. The Washington Post, 2/2/96
  • Da Free John Catastrophe Impending. World Wide Web, 10/11/96
  • Time Settles Last Scientology Suit. Judge Leisure’s decision of 7/16/96
  • Court Will Hear CAN Malicious Prosecution Petition. Cult Observer Report, 10/15/96
  • Scientology Roils Europe. AP, 10/96
  • Cultic Group’s Arms Cache Revealed. [Leftist] New York Times, 11/14/96
  • Cult Awareness Network Phones Now Answered by Tormenters. The Washington Post, 12/1/96
  • International Church of Christ Scholarship Scam? Chronicle of Higher Education, 12/13/96
  • "Brotherhood Village? To "Cult of Personality." [Ananda]. San Jose Metro, 11/27/96
  • Synanon Founder Dederich Dies at 83. AP, 3/3/97
  • Athens Court Rules vs Scientology. AP, 1/17/97
  • Management Training Damages Employees. [New Age]. Toronto Globe & Mail, 11/96
  • Scientology "Treatment" Questioned in Member’s Death. St. Petersburg Times, 3/2/97
  • Trying to Understand Heaven’s Gate. Boston Globe, 3/29/97
  • Paid Researchers Legitimizing Ramtha. Seattle Post Intelligencer, 2/10/97
  • Moon-Owned University Surviving. Connecticut Post, 4/13/97
  • Prosecutors Investigating Chilean Settlement Led by Ex-Nazi. Reuter, Bonn, 5/22/97
  • From Meditation School to (Alleged) Cult. [New School of Inner Wisdom]. Sunday Greenwich Time, 7/27/97
  • Surburban Washington, DC Cult. [Mother of God]. The Washington Post Magazine, April 13, 1997
  • "Holyland" – Authoritarian Commune. Knight Ridder News Service, 11/16/96
  • World Wide Church of God Reformation? AP, 7/12/97
  • Campus Security Report: High Percentage Recruited on Campus. Campus Security Report, August, 97
  • Scientology/IRS Settlement Revealed. The Wall Street Journal, 12/31/97
  • Court Curbs Religious Teachings of Divorced Parent in BCC Case. Boston Globe, 12/10/07
  • Suspected Mass Suicide Foiled. Reuters and AP, Internet, 1/10/98

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