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ICSA resources about psychological manipulation, cultic groups, sects, and new religious movements.


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Psychological Manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements

Cult Observer Reprint Collections: News Highlights II

  • Psychiatric Association Statement on "Repressed" Memories of Abuse. Psychiatric Times, 2/26/94
  • Scientology Drops Fishman Suit. St. Petersburg Times, 2/25/94
  • Police Dossier on Scientology Revealed. St. Petersburg Times, 1/23/94
  • Conflict Over Rajneesh "Empire." Los Angeles Times, 2/5/94
  • French IRS Cracks Down on Scientology. France-Soir, 6/11/94
  • Alamo: Six Years in Prison. The Huntington Dispatch, WV, 9/19/94
  • COG Founder Dies. Daily Telegraph (London), 11/25/94
  • Laroucheites Dupe Canadian MPs. The Globe and Mail (Toronto), 12/10/94
  • "Family" Leaders Plead Guilty; Children Tell of Cult Life. [COG] The Age (Melbourne), 9/24/94
  • Hare Krishna 2nd Generation Secularizing. The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/16/95
  • ADFI’s 20 Years Responding to Cults. Bulles, Third Quarter, 1994
  • Opus Dei Called Cultic. Chicago Sun-Times, 5/18/95
  • Cult Education Groups Offer Advice to Waco Hearings [Branch Davidians]. Cult Observer Report, 7/95
  • Why Scientology Was Declared Not to be a Religion in Germany. Bundesarbeitsgericht ruling of March 22, 1995
  • American Aum Apologists Not Believed. The Washington Post, 5/9/95
  • Scientology Battles Internet to Suppress Money-Making Scriptures’ Dissemination. The Washington Post, 8/31/95
  • Ramtha: Promise of New Age Freedom Tends Toward Control. Common Ground, 8/22/95
  • 300,000 Simultaneous Marriages, Worldwide. [Moonie]. The Sunday Telegraph, London, 8/5/95
  • Deprogrammer Guilty in Civil Suit. Seattle Times, 9/21/95
  • Decision Forces CAN Bankruptcy. Cult Observer Report. 11/95
  • Solar Temple Murder/Suicides Repeated. La Presse (Montreal), 9/27/95
  • Boston Movement Still Harming Students. The Washington Post, 9/3/95
  • Aum Forced Dissolution Likely as Trials Proceed. The Washington Post, 11/1/95
  • Judge Says "The Family" is Reforming. [COG]. The Times, 11/25/95
  • Moon Org Paying Ex-President Bush. McLean’s Magazine, 10/23/95
  • Scientology Loses Case, Costs to Journalists. FAIR News, London, 1996
  • French Parliament Report on Cults. French National Assembly, January, 1996
  • Scientology’s New Internet Pulpit. St. Petersburg Times, 4/4/96
  • Scientology Role in Mayor’s Race. St. Petersburg Times, 2/18/96
  • TM-imbued Political Party. Bozeman (MT) Daily Chronicle, 3/19/96
  • Former Moon Official Runs for Congress. The Washington Post, 4/14/96

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