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ICSA resources about psychological manipulation, cultic groups, sects, and new religious movements.


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Cult Observer Reprints


Psychological Manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements

Cult Observer Reprint Collections: News Highlights I

  • Hare Krishna Communes Persist. News & Observer, Raleigh, NC, 9/15/91
  • Leading from Jail. [Hare Krishna] Washington Post, 9/8/91
  • Scientology’s Children: A Life. St. Petersburg Times, 11/10/91
  • Narconon Certification Denied. [Scientology]. Daily Oklahoman, 12/14/91
  • TM Scheme Chased from Zambia. The Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/16/91
  • Ramtha "Channeler" Called Cultic. The Morning News Tribune (Tacoma, WA), 5/24/92
  • Scientology’s Legal Tactics. The American Lawyer, July/August, 1992
  • Hare Krishnas’ Decline. Bulles (Association for Defense of the Individual and the Family, Paris), 1991
  • The Rev. Moon’s University: Update. Connecticut Post, 8/6/92
  • Lilly Cleared in Scientology-linked Drug Suit. Psychiatric Times, 12/92
  • Complaints about Moonie Recruiting. The New York Times, 12/30/92
  • Survey Reveals Physicians’ Experience with Cults. Pennsylvania Medicine, Feb, 1993
  • Raelians and Scientologists Attack Education Center. La Voix de L’Est, 7/17/92
  • How Many Jonestowns Will it Take? [Branch Davidians]. Cult Observer, 1993
  • Robin George "Brainwashing" Case Finally Settled. Religious News Service, 6/7/93
  • Report From the International Congress on Cultism. 1993
  • Rajneeshism Reviving. San Francisco Chronicle, 12/11/92
  • Crossroads Movement on Cal Campuses. The Minnesota Daily. 4/21/93
  • A "Most Vulnerable Segment." Clinician’s Appeal to Health Care Task Force. Submitted to the National Health Care Task Force and delivered to the White House on March 16, 1993.
  • Brother Julius Group Deteriorating. The Hartford Courant, 6/1/93
  • Cultic Groups’ Alliance. From Emanuelle Kaufmann in Paris.
  • Scientology and Its Corporations Declared Tax-Exempt. The New York Times, 10/14/93
  • Methods of Prosecutor Questioned in Deprogramming Cases. Legal Times, 9/6/93
  • Scientology Operations Revealed. The New York Times, 10/22/93
  • Judgment Against Scientology. La Repubblica (Rome), 11/10/93
  • Scientology Appeal Denied in Wollersheim Case. Cult Observer Report. 1994
  • Illinois Senate Panel on Cults. Chicago Tribune, 12/8/93
  • Christian Encounter Group Training Called Brainwashing. [Momentus]. The Press Democrat, 10/3/93
  • Hare Krishnas: The Next Generation. Tampa Tribune, 11/10/93
  • "Tvind" – Charity or Cult? [Humana]. Dagbladet Politiken (Copenhagen), 9/22/91
  • Probe Request Backfires on Cult Leader. [La Citadelle]. Christian Solidarity International, October, 1993
  • Manson’s Popularity Surges. The San Francisco Examiner, 12/25/93

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