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ICSA resources about psychological manipulation, cultic groups, sects, and new religious movements.


Resource Guide

Pseudoscience Fact Sheets

Psychological Manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements

Preventive Education: Pseudoscience Fact Sheets

Produced by the Austin Society to Oppose Pseudoscience (with the assistance of AFF), these 1-2 page educational flyers provide a rational, scientific perspective on the following topics:

Science and Pseudoscience (sample)

Astrology (sample)

Ancient Astronauts

"Psychic Detectives"

Modern Visitors From Other Worlds

Predicting the Future

Kirlian Photography and the "Aura"


Mystical" Physics, Cult Physics, Quack Physics, and Bogus Physics

Unlikely Events &

Reincarnation, Life After Death, and Astral Travel

Extrasensory Perception &

Ghosts and Poltergeists

Science Fiction in Pseudoscience (sample)

$10 (Outside USA: $13). ID: PEASTOP



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