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Cult Observer

AFF News

A Review of Press Reports on Cultism and Unethical Social Influence


The Cult Observer: AFF News

Volume 13, No. 1 -- 1996

For International Students

Marcia Rudin recently prepared a special newsletter insert for international students: Eye on Ethics Extra, titled "Making Choices: How to Respond to High Pressure Groups." Her introduction states: "This special insert will help you become aware of certain groups on or around your campus that may try to pressure you to participate in their programs. It is not designed to create fears and/or reluctance on your part to participate in voluntary groups. Many such groups can provide helpful and desirable contacts, relationships, and opportunities." The warning signs listed, it is hoped, will forewarn and inoculate the naive and unwary, and the manuscript as a whole offers help for those who may be on the brink, already involved, or thinking of leaving such groups. The International Cult Education Program (ICEP)

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