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Cultic Studies Journal

Abstract: Clinical Case Studies of Cult Members


Psychological Manipulation and Society: cults, cult groups, new religious movements

Cultic Studies Journal
Psychological Manipulation and Society
Vol. 12, No. 2, 1995

Clinical Case Studies of Cult Members

Arthur A. Dole

This document will assist investigators interested in applying qualitative methods-especially clinical case studies-to the study of members and former members of cultic and other destructive groups. After consideration of relevant background information, strengths and weaknesses of the case study method, and selected previous applications in the related literature, the author puts forth a number of suggestions based on his experience as a psychologist with case study research. He presents an outline of possible topics pertaining to precult, cult, and postcult experiences of the cult participant. The author's remarks are supplemented by a consideration of case studies of children in destructive groups.

Order:Clinical Case Studies of Cult Members.

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