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ICSA resources about psychological manipulation, cultic groups, sects, and new religious movements.


Cultic Studies Journal

Task Force Study of Ritual Crime

Psychological Manipulation and Society: cults, cult groups, new religious movements

Cultic Studies Journal
Psychological Manipulation and Society
Vol. 8, No. 2, 1991

Task Force Study of Ritual Crime

Michael P. Maddox
Virginia State Crime Commission

The very general and amorphous overtones that discussions of cults frequently assume present a particularly perplexing problem for the criminal justice field. Because these discussions are typically pervaded by extreme emotion, a rational response to allegations of cult, or ritual, crime becomes difficult. This predicament is exacerbated by the ignorance surrounding the occult. While attempting to be sensitive to the diverse viewpoints on ritual crime, this report offers an empirical basis for evaluating the level of such activity, as well as an objective attempt to clarify some of the conflicting issues inherent in claims of this nature.

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