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Marcia Rudin, M.A.


cult groups,  sects, and new religious movements

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Marcia Rudin M.A.

Web site:  
City: New York
State: NY
CO Contribution:
Cults Not Gone, Just Mainstreaming
Vol.10, No. 1, 1993
Marcia Rudin
CSJ Contribution:
Women, Elderly, and Children in Religious Cults
Cultic Studies Journal,  Vol. 1,  No. 1,
Evangelicals and Cults
Cultic Studies Journal,   Vol. 2,  No. 1
Other Contribution: AFF Annual Conference: Children and Cults May 29 - May 31, 1998 – Philadelphia, PA

Moderator Panel – Mind Manipulation, Cults, and DomePsychological Manipulation: The Abuse of Women Conference, May 30 and May 31, 1997 - Philadelphiastic Violence: Professional and Personal Perspectives,


Marcia Rudin, MA is Director of the International Cult Education Program of AFF. She formerly taught philosophy and philosophy of religion at William Paterson College. Ms. Rudin is co-author of the books Why Me? Why Anyone? and Prison or Paradise? The New Religious Cults and is editor of Cults on Campus: Continuing Challenge. She wrote the International Cult Education Program lesson plan for middle and high schools and wrote and produced two AFF videotapes.

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