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psychological manipulation, cult groups,sects, and new religious movements

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Note: AFF and its preventive education program, the International Cult Education Program (ICEP) in no way recommends or endorse any persons, or organizations on these links pages. We present them only as sources of information for researchers to consider about group-related concerns or questions. Descriptions of the resources' experience, qualifications, and specialization's, when given, are taken from the web pages listed.
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: listing on AFF's web site does not mean that AFF perceives any group to be a cult, practices coercive or destructive tactics, or is in violation of any law.
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Brainwashing - Thought Reform

"Brainwashed! Scholars of Cults Accuse Each Other of Bad Faith"
Lingua Franca, Inc, March 1998


On campus, join carefully
By Mark Clayton, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 4,1999

Aum Shinrikyo

Cult Doctor Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Attempted Murder
CNN (7/22/99) A medical doctor who was a member of the Aum Shinrikyo cult has been found guilty of attempted murder of the governor of Tokyo in 1995.
Aum Shinrikyo--Little Cropdusters
TOKYO, Oct 14 (Reuter)
Aum veiled in nerve-gas attack suspicion--- Performing its own Armageddon?
Hajime Takano, Editor-in-chief, INSIDER, 4/1/95
Letter bomb renews fears in Japan
News & Observer Publishing Co.
Guru who sought fame finds infamy
After manhunt's frenzy, suspect found meditating
Villagers hope cult will disappear following the arrest of its leader Japan subway case could take years in court
Recent extremist attacks from Lockerbie to Tokyo
New York Times

Falun Gong

South China Morning Post
Workers exhorted to battle cult
Aug. 3, 1999
China Outlaws Falun Gong
South China Morning Post (7/23/99)  Beijing yesterday outlawed the Falun Gong, accusing the cult of causing its followers to commit murder and suicide and of mounting the most serious threat to the Government since the 1989 student protests.

False Memory

Another Woman Sues Psychiatrist over SRA
St. Paul Pioneer Press (7/29/99)  A Minnesota woman is suing another psychiatrist over alledgedly implanting false memories of satanic ritual abuse during her repressed memory therapy.

Heavens Gate

Omni Magazine Live Science
New York Times
Looking for: The Next World, By James S. Phelan,
Feb. 29, 1976


Mahikari And Aum: In The Grip Of The Black Hand
Issue 2.3 - July 1997
"What connects Aum Shinrikyo's ranch in Australia, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Tokyo subway gassing, the Star of David, Shintaro Ishihara and the Rape of Nanking in World War II? Mahikari, the Japanese new religion that proclaimed itself the leader of a Chosen People, that opened the gates of Western Australia to Aum and planned a coming global Armaggedon. A former top sect leader in Canberra unravels the dark secrets of this mystery sect."

Mother of God Community

Washington Post Magazine
In April, a series of articles was published in the Washington Post Magazine describing the history of the Mother of God Community in Gaithersburg, MD.
The articles are available in the Talk Central section of the Washington Post Web page.


Copyright - or Wrong?
Salon Magazine (7/23/99)  A look at Scientology's use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, and how it has censored critics even before a legal paper has been filed.
Boston Phoenix
This Just In: Media Scientology's 'tortured' logic by Dan Kennedy
Wired News
Scientology Slips Through the Net
by Judy Bryan

Unification Church

acdbull2.gif (864 bytes)Moon's son dies in fall from hotel
The Moonies' founder loses his 21-year-old son in what family members and friends say wasn't a suicide.
The Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nov. 4, 1999, By Joe Schoenmann


Reno - No Evidence FBI Caused Branch Davidian Fire
Yahoo! News (7/29/99)  Attorney General Janet Reno defended the conclusions of the Justice Dept. after allegations that the fire at the Branch Davidian compound may have begun by dubious means.
The Seige in Waco
From the early moments of the Branch Davidian siege until its fiery conclusion, The Dallas Morning News offered readers comprehensive and often exclusive coverage.

This archive of stories includes nearly everything that was published on the standoff and related events between March 1 and April 20, 1993, when fire consumed the Davidian compound. Additional stories and photos will be added in the near future.


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