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A Review of Press Reports on Cultism and Unethical Social Influence


Scientologists "Don't Ask Permission"


Vol. 13, No. 1, 1996



Source I: St. Petersburg Times
Title Spinoffs spread group's message
Author: Bob Henderson
Pub. Date: 8/7/95
Page 2

Scientologists "Don't Ask Permission"

The Church of Scientology, as part of a wide ranging program to influence the community in its international headquarters city of Clearwater, FL , gives an example of its modus operandi in a recent newsletter, taken from the writing of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

"A housewife, already successfully employing Scientology in her own home, trained to professional level, takes over a woman's [sic] club as secretary or some key position. She straightens up the club affairs by applying comm [sic] practice and making peace, and then, incidental to the club's main function, pushes Scientology into a zone of special interest in the club-children, straightening up marriages, whatever comes to hand, and even taking fees for it meanwhile, of course, going on being a successful and contributing wife.

"The cue in all this is don't seek the cooperation of groups. Don't ask permission. Just enter them and start functioning to make the group win through effectiveness and sanity." (From "Spinoffs spread group's message," by Bob Henderson, St. Petersburg Times, 8/7/95. 2)


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