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We present them only as sources of information for researchers to consider
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Political Groups

ALL African Peoples Socialist Party  
Aryan Nations California Homemakers Association Church of the Creator
Christian Identity Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals Commission of Voluntary Service and Action/Invest Yourself
  Democratic Workers Party Eastern Service Workers
Eastern Service Workers Association For A Better World Elohim City
Gelleh Humana People-to-People The Institute for International Cooperation and Development
International Education Co-operation (China)   Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
LaRouche Militias MOVE
NAP NAZI National Labor Federation
National Women's Rights Organizing Committee NATLFED Natural Law Party,  NLP
Neo Nazi NetUp New Alliance Party
NWROC Northwest Seasonal Workers Association One World Volunteer Institute
Patriot Party Perente-Ramos Planet Aid,
Revolutionary Socialist League Revolutionary Workers League The Schools Cooperation
Shining Path    
Skinheads Socialist Workers Party Social Therapy
Spark Spartacist League Tvind
Uhuru House Western Massachusetts Labor Action Western Service Workers
White Aryan Resistance Women's Press Collective
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