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New Age

Apostles of Infinite Love Aetherius Society
[grp type: ufo]
All One Voice AMORC (Lectorium Rosicrucianum) Ascension
[grp type: eastern]
Biosphere Carlos Castaneda CBJ
Celestine Prophecy Centerpoint
Channelers Church of Religious Science Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT)
Circle of Friends Creme, Benjamin Cohen, Andrew
Edelweiss Emissaries of Divine Light
Emin Foundation Eternal Flame Fellowship of Friends
Finders Findhorn Foundation Firewalkers
Genesis Gill, Peter Lawrence Hamilton-Byrne, Ann
Hoffman, Terri Hollowitz Holy Order of Mans
I AM (Guy and Edna Ballard) Jean, Leo Kabalarians
J.Z. Knight La Citadelle Lenz (Rama)
Lenz, Frederick
[grp type: eastern]
Luz del Mundo MacLaine, Shirley
Mafu Roy Masters Mystery School
Moksha Foundation
New Age New School of Inner Wisdom Niscience
Quieting Reflex Rael Raelians
Ramtha (Ramtha School of Enlightenment) Religious School of Natural Hygiene AMORC (Lectorium Rosicrucianum)
Society for Understanding Fundamental Ideas (Idries Shah)
Solar Temple Spiritual Life Institute Temple of Light Universalist Church
Universal Life Church White Brotherhood White Buffalo Society
Zen Master Rama
[grp type: eastern]


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