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bible-based groups
Abrasx Alamo Alamo, Tony
  Apostles of Love Armstrong, Wayne

Army of God

Assembly of God Atlanta Church of Christ


  Bethel Children's Home
Bible Speaks    

Black Hebrews

Boston Church of Christ Branch Davidians (see Waco; David Koresh)

Bread of Life

Brethren Brothers and Sisters

Brother Julius

Bruderhof (Hutterian Brethren/ Society of Brothers) Bruderhof Communities

Calvary Chapel Outreach

CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle) (see Unification Church) Cathedral of the Holy Spirt Cathexis
CAUSA (see Unification Church) Children of God (COG) Christ Brotherhood

Christ Family

Christ Gospel Ministries International Christ Temple Church

Christian Alliance Holiness Church

Christian Community Church in Santa Clare County Christian Fellowship

Christian Fellowship Church

Christian Science Christian Socialist Party of Jacob Easter

Christ's Church in Action

Church of Bible Understanding (COBU) Church of Human Morality

Church of Jesus Christ Christian

Church of Our First Love Church of Our Savior

Church of the First Born

Church of the Living Word Church of Unlimited Devotion
  Clergy COBU [ see Church of Bible Understanding ]

COG   children of god 

Tery Cole-Whittaker Ministries  
Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle, CARP, [see Unification Church] Coming Days Church  

Community of Jesus

Community Chapel Congressional Church of Human Morality

Cor Unum

Cosmotheist Community Church Crossroads

CUT see Church Universal and Triumphant

Covenant Community Fellowship  
Davis, L.R. Drummond, Frederick A. Dunn, Darrell


End Time Ministries (Charles Mead) Ervil LeBaron
Essenes, (New)    

Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church

Evangel Temple Evangelistic Chapel of Burien

Exclusive Brethen Church

Faith Assembly Faith Mission Home

Faith Movement

Faith Tabernacle Faith Tabernacle Church

Family Federation for World Peace & Unification (see Unification Church)

Family, The
Family of Love (children of God)
First Century Gospel Church
Followers of Christ Church Fountain of Life Ministry Fringe Christian
Garbage Eaters, (The Brothers & Sisters), Roberts Group,The Brethren Gaspe  
General Assembly Church Good Life Pentecostal Church  

Good Shepherd Tabernacle

Grace Community Church Great Among the Nations

Great Commission International (GCI)

  Hebrew Israelites  
His Rest Christian Fellowship Holy Laughter Holyland

Holyland Commune

Horus House of Chaney

House of Judah

Hutterian Brethren East (The Bruderhof/The Society of Brothers/Bruderhof Communities)  


ICSD International Christian Aid
International Christian Association International Churches of Christ Into The Light Ministries
Island Pond (northeast kingdom/Twelve Tribes) lybarger, Jon  
Jehovah's Witnesses Jesus Cathedral Jesus People

Jesus People USA

Jesus through Jon and Judy Jews for Jesus
Jim Jones Jonestown Jung, Myoung-seok

David Koresh (Waco)

Kneadmore Life Community Church  
Lamb of God LeBaron, Aaron LeBaron, Eavil
Lewis, William A.    

Livets Ord

Living Stream Ministry Living Word Community

Local Church

Loce Church  

Love Israel

Lundgren, Carl Luz del Mundo


Marcolongo, Anthony May, Gregory
Mead, Charles Millenial Kingdom Family Church Missionaries of Love
  Momentus (see large group trainings) Mother of God
Mount Carmel    

New Maccabees

New Essenes Northeast Kingdom aka Island Pond; 12/tribes

Opus Dei

Our First Love  
Park Soon Ja People's Church People's Temple (Jim Jones)

People of Hope

Piecemakers Potter House
Roberts Group, Garbage Eaters, (The Brothers & Sisters),The Brethren Roberts, Oral Roch "Moise" Theriault
Rock Church    

Save the Seed

Schacknow, Julius Servants of Christ the King

Secta las 8 Reinas

Set Free Christian Center, Calvary Chapel Outreach Seventh Day Adventists link
Sherman, Ben Ariel Shepherding Sinful Messiah

Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property

Society of Brothers (Hutterian Brethren East/The Bruderhof/ /Bruderhof Communities) Spoken Tabernacle Church

The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord

The Family The Way International
Tilton, Robert Tridentine Latin Rite Church Twelve Tribes



Unification Church

United Pentecostal Church link  

Victory Church

Victory Outreach Ministries International  


Watchman Nee Watchtower

Way International, The

WCG/Worldwide Church of God Witness Lee
Wierwille, Victor Paul Word of Faith Outreach Word of God

Word of Life

Work, The Wun Kyong Park


Yahweh Ben Yahweh Yahweh Temple of the Balck Hebrew


Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Zion Coptic Church


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