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AFF Conference
2003 Connecticut -

Conference: Understanding Cults and New Religious Movements -- Perspectives of Researchers, Professionals, Former Members, and Families 

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Preconference - workshops on Thursday, October 16, 2003

Workshop for Former Group Members
(10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
Coordinator: Carol Giambalvo
Workshop for Families and Friends
(10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
Coordinator: Livia Bardin, M.S.W.
Workshop for Mental Health Professionals
(7:00 p.m. � 9:30 p.m.)
[Nonprofessionals may attend as observers.]
Coordinator: Rosanne Henry, M.A., L.P.C.; Steve K. Dubrow Eichel, Ph.D.; Lorna Goldberg, M.S.W.; William Goldberg, M.S.W.; Arnold Markowitz, C.S.W.
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Conference Events


Introduction to the Conference
Michael Langone, Ph.D.
Perspectives on Hare Krishna, Parts 1 and II
Steve K. Dubrow Eichel, Ph.D., Coordinator; Anuttama Dasa; Krishnakant Desa; Steven Gelberg, M.T.S.; E. Burke Rochford, Ph.D.
Cold Reading and the Cult Leader�s Mystique
William Goldberg, M.S.W.
Canadian Researchers Present, Parts I and II
Mike Kropveld, Coordinator; James A. Beverley, Ph.D. [The Inner Teachings of Moon]; Dianne Casoni, Ph.D. [Processes of Group Idealization That Lead to Dangerous Conduct]; Marie-Andr�e Pelland [Allegations of Violence Against Cultic Groups]; Adriana Pacheco [Child Abuse in the Breakaway Windsor, Quebec Baptist Church]
Family Workshop II: Advanced Communicating Skills (for those who have completed AFF�s Family Workshop)
Livia Bardin, M.S.W.; Patrick Ryan
Strategic Interaction Approach: Case Studies
Steven Hassan, M.A.
New Religious Movements in China
Zixian Deng, Wang Wenzhong, Ph.D.
International Churches of Christ and the Identity- Reality Model of Thought Reform
David Anderson
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Cult Recovery
Daniel Shaw, C.S.W.
Exit Counseling Case Study
Patrick Ryan, Joseph Kelly, Carol Diament
Finding a Therapist and Making it Work
Lorna Goldberg, M.S.W.; William Goldberg, M.S.W.
Spanish Researchers Present, Parts I and II
Josep Jansa, M.D., Coordinator [Analysis of AIS Cases]; Carmen Almendros [Perceived Psychological Abuse of Former Members of Diverse Cultic Groups: Assisted vs. Non-assisted by Cult Awareness Groups]; Ferran Alonso [Legal Regulations and Police Responsibilities with Regard to Totalistic Groups]; Jose Carrobles, Ph.D. [Update on Spanish Research with the GPA Scale]; Pere Cubero, M.D. [Paranoid Groups]; Miguel Perlado [AIS Project on Social Addictions]
The Twelve Tribes
Rev. Robert Pardon; Discussant: James Beverley, Ph.D.
Cults on Campus
Ron Loomis, Coordinator
Attachment and Totalist Organizations
Alexandra Stein, M.L.S.
Finding a Therapist and Making Therapy Work
Lorna Goldberg, M.S.W.; William Goldberg, M.S.W.
Recovering as a Family
Nancy Crosby, Coordinator; James Bergin, M.A.; Judy Garvey, C.H.T.; Lorna Goldberg, M.S.W.
The NJ Kids Case
Philip Elberg, Esq.; Discussants: Herbert Rosedale, Esq.; Alan Scheflin, J.D
Research from Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center
Ron Burks, Ph.D. [Eyewitnesses to Evil: The Truth About Apostate�s �Atrocity Tales�]; Paul Martin, Ph.D.; Rod Marshall, Ph.D. [Examining Patterns of Psychological Harm in Ex-Member Populations]
Polygamy in the Courts: Past and Present Implications on the Religious Landscape
Andrea Moore-Emmett; Discussants: Robin Boyle, J.D.; Herbert Rosedale, Esq.
Perspectives on the Legionaries of Christ, Parts 1 & 2
Jose Barba, Ph.D., Arturo Jurado, Ph.D., Paul Lennon, S.T.L., M.A. & Juan Jose Vaca, M.Ed.Sc., M.Th., M.Ph. [The Legion of Christ: A Cult-Like Atmosphere Fostering Abuse)
Child Rearing Practices in Five NRMs
Amy Siskind, Ph.D.
Generational Revolt by the Adult Children of First Generation �Cult� Members
Stephen Kent, Ph.D.
Why Attorneys Don't Want to Accept Cult-Related Litigation
Peter Georgiades, Esq.
Undue Influence and the Philosophy of the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Randy Kandel, Ph.D., J.D.
Conflicts Between Scholarship and Advocacy
Herbert L. Rosedale, Esq.; Robin Boyle, J.D.; Peter Georgiades, Esq.; Alan Scheflin, J.D., LL.M.)
After the Cult: Who Am I?
Rosanne Henry, M.A., L.P.C., Facilitator
How To Investigate Cults: Paper Trailing and Cultivating Sources
Dennis King
Sociological and Psychological Perspectives on Harm: Practical Applications
Eileen Barker, Ph.D., Coordinator; Nancy Ammerman, Ph.D., Dick Anthony, Ph.D.
Exit Counseling Case Study
David Clark; Dianne DiNicola; Tammy DiNicola
Social Therapy
Erika Van Meir, L.M.F.T., Coordinator [Personal Testimony]; Dennis King [History of the Group]; Discussant: William Goldberg, M.S.W.
Coping with Triggers
Joseph Kelly
Interreligious Responses to Cults
Rabbi A. James Rudin



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