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  AFF Conference 2003 California - Registration Methods

June 13-14, 2003,
 Orange, CA

Conference events and workshops

  • Workshop for Former Group Members
    Thursday, Jun 13, 2003 - Register

  • Workshop for Families and Friends
    Thursday, Jun 13, 2003 - Register

  • Conference Events
    Understanding Cults and New Religious Movements -- Perspectives of Researchers, Professionals, Former Members, and Families
    Friday/Saturday, June 14-15, 2003 - Register

  • Conference program details

Conference presenter information



Fees and discounts

Hotel Reservations

  • Attendees need to make their own hotel reservations and pay the hotel directly for their rooms and non-conference meals.

  • Ask for the special AFF room rate, which is

  • More Information


  • Your contributions will help us give discounts and scholarships to people needing financial assistance.

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  • fax: 305.393.8193
  • Phone: 239.514.3081
  • e-mail: email_orderdept
  • AFF
    ICSA - International Cultic Studies Association P.O. Box 2265 Bonita Springs, FL 34133


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