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  AFF Conference 2003  California - Events

June 13-14, 2003,
 Orange, CA

Conference: Understanding Cults and New Religious Movements -- Perspectives of Researchers, Professionals, Former Members, and Families 

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Pre-conference - workshops on Thursday, June 12, 2003

Workshop for Former Group Members
(10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
Coordinator: Carol Giambalvo
Workshop for Families and Friends
(10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
Coordinator: Livia Bardin, M.S.W.

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Conference Events


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Helping Families & Ex-Members: New Directions
Michael Langone, Ph.D.
Psychological Research, Parts I and II
Jonibeth. Whitney, Ph.D., Coordinator [Overview of Research]; Livia Bardin, M.S.W [An Exploration of the Interactions of the Child Protection System and Fundamentalist Mormon Communities]; Rod Marshall, Ph.D. [Examining Patterns of Psychological Harm in Ex-Member Populations]; Doni Whitsett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W. [Clinical Implications of Research Findings]; Discussant: Paul Martin, Ph.D.
Children of God
Stephen Kent, Ph.D., Coordinator [Generational Revolt  By the Adult Children of First Generation Members of The Children of God/The Family]
White Supremacy
Richard Abanes
Cults, Corruption, & Crime in Latin America
Paul Carden, Coordinator; Lourdes Arguelles, Ph.D. & Anne M. Rivero, M.S.W. [La Luz del Mundo] ; Jorge Erdely, Ph.D. [Legionarios del Cristo]; Raymundo Meza, Esq. & Cesar Mascarenas, M.D. [Human Rights Abuses by Cultic Groups]
Psychological and Spiritual Issues for Jewish Ex-Members
John Hochman, M.D.
Individual Differences and Cults
Rod Marshall, Ph.D.; Vincent Egan, Ph.D.
Exit Counseling Case Study: Eastern Group
Patrick Ryan; Joseph Kelly
Exit Counseling Walk Away Case Study: Bible Group
David Clark; Scott Shaw
Clinical Assessment and Treatment Issues
Rachel Bernstein, MS.Ed., M.F.T.; Chanon Bloch, L.C.S.W.; Mary Jo Cysewski, M.A., M.F.T.; Jonibeth Whitney, Ph.D.; Doni Whitsett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.
Development of Japanese Cultic Studies
Kimiaki Nishida, Ph.D., Coordinator; Fuzuki Kuroda, M.A.; Yoshihide Sakurai, M.A.; Shingo Takahashi, M.D.
Conflicts Between Scholarship and Advocacy
Herbert Rosedale, Esq.; Alan Scheflin, J.D., L.LM.
Cults on Campus
Ron Loomis, Coordinator
Falun Gong: A Family Member�s Perspective
Samuel Luo
Falun Gong: Scholarly Perspectives
Zixian Deng; Wang Wenzhong, Ph.D.; Discussant: Herbert Rosedale, Esq.
Contemporary Occultism
Richard Abanes
Spiritual Abuse
Ronald Enroth, Ph.D. [Spiritual Abuse and Spousal Abuse: Are There Any Commonalities?]; Jorge Erdely, Ph.D. [Prosperity Theology]; Harold Bussell, D.Div. [How the New Testament Deals with the Question of Authority]
Heresy and Paddling: Growing Up in a Fringe Fundamentalist Family
Kathleen Danielson
Corporate Cultism
Dennis Tourish, Ph.D.
New Theoretical Approaches to Cult Involvement
Janja Lalich, Ph.D., Coordinator and Moderator [Bounded Choice: An Answer to the Brainwashing vs. Rational Choice Conflict?]; Alexandra Stein, M.L.S.  [Cults Conceptualized as an Attachment Process]; Benjamin Zablocki, Ph.D. [Theories of Cult Involvement Must be Based on Research on Cult Involvement]
Religion and the Meaning of Cultic Behavior
Raymond Paloutzian, Ph.D; Israela Silberman, Ph.D.; Discussant, Ronald Enroth, Ph.D..
Writing Down the Pain: A Case Study of the Benefits of Writing for Cult Survivors
K. Gordon Neufeld, M.F.A.
Running Support Groups for Those Affected by Cults
Rachel Bernstein, M.S.Ed., L.M.F.T.
Gender and Cults, Parts I, II, and III
Janja Lalich, Ph.D., Coordinator and Moderator; Miriam Williams Boeri, & Marina Sarran [Sex with Children: The Last Sexual Frontier]; Cliff Cheng, Ph.D. [Sexist Gender Roles in a Patriarchial Organizational Story]; Sarah Edmonds, Ph.D. [Transference and Countertransference in the Guru/Disciple Relationship]; Andrea Moore Emmet [The Father-Child Relationship in Polygamist Cults]; Massimo Introvigne [Gender and Cult Controversies in the Milingo-Moon Affair]; J. Anna Looney [Marriages within Cult Groups: A Comparative Study of the Characteristics and Survival Rates of Intimate Relationships]; Yoshihide Sakurai, M.A. [Constructing "Family" by Religious Ideology: A Case Study of Female Members of the Unification Church in Japan]; Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff [Cultic Oppression of Women in the Religious Homeschooling Movement]; Benjamin Zablocki, Ph.D. [Gender Divergences a Quarter Century After the Initial Cult Stimulus]
Suing Cults: Cases Won, Lost, and Rejected
Lawrence Levy, Esq.; Discussants: Herbert Rosedale, Esq.; Alan Scheflin, J.D., LL.M
Religious Terrorism: The New Jihad - Myths & States of Denial
Jorge Erdely, Ph.D.; Lourdes Arguelles, Ph.D.; Discussant: Dennis Tourish, Ph.D.
Trauma Research and Cults
David Foy, Ph.D.



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Continuing Education Credits

This course meets the qualifications for 15 hours of continuing education credit for MFCCs and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences - American Family Foundation (California CE Provider PCE 2682). Full refund if made two or more weeks before program. Partial refund after that (contact AFF). Forms for obtaining CE credits will be available at the conference. There is no extra charge for CE credits.

Contact AFF for more information:

ICSA - International Cultic Studies Association P.O. Box 2265 Bonita Springs, FL 34133


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