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ICSA resources about psychological manipulation, cultic groups, sects, and new religious movements.


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AIS: "Grupos de Manipulacion Psicologica en Cataluna"
Almendros, Carmen: "Book of Abstracts - Madrid 2005 Conferenced"
Amitrani, Alberto & Di Marzio, Raffaella: "Blind or Just Don't Want to See: Brainwashing, Mystification, and Suspicion"
Amitrani, Alberto & Di Marzio, Raffaella: "Min Control in New Religious Movements and the American Psychological Association"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Ancient Astronauts"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Astrology"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Extrasensory Perception -- Telepathy"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Extrasensory Perception"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Fortean Fallacy"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Ghosts"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Kirlean Photography"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Modern Visitors"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Monsters"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Mystical Physics"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Predicting the Future"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Psychic Detectives"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Reincarnation, Life after Death, Astral Travel"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Spiritualism"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Unlikely Events -- And Coincidence"

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