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Janja Lalich

Janja Lalich is a widely recognized expert on cults, totalist systems, and social and psychological influence.  She has a master's degree in human development.  After receiving a  B.A.  from the University of Wisconsin, she did post graduated work as a Fulbright Scholar.

A member of a political cult for more than ten years, Lalich has been studying the cult phenomenon since she left the group in 1986. She has written, lectured, and been interviewed in the media, including on Meet the Press, about both her personal cult experience and cults in general, and she offers preventive-education workshops and training seminars to campus, religious, civic, and professional organizations.

She is co-author of Captive Hearts, Captive Minds: Freedom and Recovery from Cults and Abusive Relationships (Hunter House, 1994),  Cults in Our Midst, (Jossey-Bass, 1995) and 'Crazy' Therapies: What Are They? Do They Work? (Jossey-Bass, 1996).

She is also editor of Women Under the Influence: A Study of Women's Lives in Totalist Groups (AFF, 1997).

She is coordinator of a San Francisco Bay Area support group for former cult members, and also works with families and friends of those involved with cults.

She has also served as a consultant to educators, mental health professionals, attorneys, law enforcement officials, and the State of California Department of Education.


Carter2.jpg (50480 bytes)Andrew A. Skolnick

Andrew A. Skolnick  is a science and medical journalist  and associate editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, Medical News & Perspectives ,  who has covered religiously-motivated medical neglect of children since the early 1980s.

His articles on this subject have appeared in Medical World News and the Journal of the American Medical Association. Skolnick is one of five journalists recently awarded an inaugural Rosalynn Carter Fellowship in Mental Health Journalism. His year-long fellowship with the Carter Center involves an investigation of the treatment of the mentally ill in the nation’s jails and prisons.

He has won a number of journalism awards including World Hunger Year’s 1996 Harry Chaplin Media Award for  excellence in having an impact on hunger and poverty.


Adam Little

adamlittle.jpg (4144 bytes)

e takes us to the New York TV Festival, where UNDERcurrents Adam Little takes us to the New York TV Festival, where UNDERcurrents picks up an award. 

Adam Little is a free-lance television producer and reporter from Toronto, Canada. He has over a decade of experience in radio and television documentaries with such programs as the fifth estate, Man Alive, W5, Venture, Undercurrents and the Health Show, Sunday Morning and As It Happens.

The fifth estate


Producer, 1998

Health Week


Producer, Writer, Reporter,



Producer, Writer, and Reporter
22 items: 1991-1997



Producer, Writer and Reporter,
1995 -1998

Man Alive


Narrator, 1996
Writer and Director, "Inherit the Earth: the story of the Ouj´┐Ż-Bougoumou Cree", 1995

Le Point


Writer and Director, French-language version of "Inherit the Earth", 1995

Producer, Writer of a documentary on bicycle couriers, 1995

The Health Show


Producer, 1993 -1995, 1998 ( 1/2 hour special on stress)



Producer, Writer,1991-1992

On The Arts with David Gilmore

CBC Newsworld

Producer, Writer, and Reporter for a documentary profiling of Gore Vidal in Italy, 1994


TVO/CBC Newsworld

Producer, Writer, and Reporter, 1992-1994

Harrowsmith Country Life

Discovery Network

Producer, Writer, 1995-1996


Discovery Network

Producer, Writer,1996

Big Life with Daniel Richler

CBC Newsworld

Producer, 1996


Sunday Morning


Field Producer 1989-1991, 1992

As It Happens


Producer 1987-1989