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  Student Journalist Contest

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AFF's 1998/99
Student Journalist Contest
Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility of Student
Must be a currently-registered, full-time or part-time   school student.

Eligibility of School
Contest is open to all public, private, and religious schools.

Eligible Publications
School-affiliated   newspapers, magazines, and literary publications in the English language.

Eligible Topics
Any journalistic examination of the cult phenomenon or manipulation in religious, commercial, political, or psychotherapeutic groups.

The following are merely suggested subjects or titles. Feel free to write on other subjects that fall within the general topic area."

Examples of possible subjects include:

Exploring critical thinking skills to avoid manipulation and undue influence.
How to recognize and resist a possible cult recruitment.
What makes cults different?
Cults in a free society: rights and responsibilities.
Why do people leave cults?
One former cult member's story
After the cult: problems and opportunities
How cults affect family members of those who join.
What makes young people vulnerable to cultic recruitment?

Eligibility of submission
To qualify for submission: articles must be first published in an eligible secondary school-affiliated publication during the 1997/98 school year.

Judging criteria
AFF's 1998/99 Student Journalist Contest awards entries will be evaluated in terms of descriptive power, depth and breadth of reporting, completeness, substance (accuracy and educational value),  language, style, and structure.