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Cult Awareness Network Files

Psychological Manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements

Original Cult Awareness Network, Inc.  confidential records turned over to Scientologist

According to F.A.C.T.Net Newswire the "original Cult Awareness Network, Inc. files turned over to Scientology Dr. Edward Lottick, president of the original Cult Awareness Network, Inc., reported last week that the files belonging to the organization had been turned over to Scientology as part of a legal settlement.

Specifically, the records were turned over to Gary Beeny, the Scientologist who paid $20,000 for the $2 million award in the Jason Scott case against the original Cult Awareness Network. This purchase led to "CAN" being run by Scientology members currently answer the phones. According to Dr. Lottick, 'Scientologist Gary Beeny agreed to accept the records as payment in full of the Jason Scott judgment if the Board of CAN would give up the auction.

This means that Scientology cannot depose and otherwise harass CAN Board members, former Board members, members at large, CAN donors, and even CAN employees for payment of debt, because the judgment is settled in full. The Board felt it best to go for a clean settlement, rather that leave nearly two million dollars in liability hanging over our collective heads which would have been the case had we gone to auction. The Jason Scott judgment is settled in full but the records are indeed gone. I wish I could report a better outcome but the deck has been stacked against CAN since the original Jason Scott case. We have had a series of poor judicial decisions ever since. Hopefully, it's over.'"

F.A.C.T.Net Newswire, May 17, 1999

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