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Maryland Legislative mandates study of cults effects


Psychological Manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements

Maryland Resolution Mandates Study of  Cult Activities in Public Senior Higher Education Institutions.

The 1998 Maryland General Assembly passed a resolution (HJ 22) mandating the creation of a "Task Force to Study the Effects of Cult Activities on Public Senior Higher Education Institutions."

The resolution stipulates that the Task Force shall be composed of: two members of the House of Delegates; two members of the Maryland Senate; the Chancellor of the University System of Maryland; the respective presidents of the University of Maryland/College Park, St. Mary’s College, and Morgan State University; a member of the Board of Regents; a member of the Maryland Higher Education Commission; two parents of current or former cult members; two parents representing parents’ associations; and two student government representatives.

The University System office – which is to provide staffing for the Task Force – reports that substantial progress has been made in completing the appointments to the Task Force and in scheduling their first meeting, anticipated to be next month.

The resolution requires that the Task Force "shall communicate with and obtain information from cult awareness organizations, former cult members, college administrators, campus security personnel, campus ministers, families of cult members, and other interested parties." The range of information gathered is to include the extent of cult activities on Maryland public campuses, the effect of such involvement on students, and the response of college administrators in Maryland and around the nation.

The Task Force is to issue a report of its findings and recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly by September 30, 1999.

If you have any knowledge about activities of destructive groups on Maryland campuses, or are otherwise interested in the work of the Maryland Task Force, please contact AFF.

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