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ICSA resources about psychological manipulation, cultic groups, sects, and new religious movements.


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Psychological Manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements


Please Note: AFF in no way recommends or endorses any persons, or organizations on these links pages.

We present them only as sources of information for researchers to consider about group-related concerns or questions.

Descriptions of the resources' experience, qualifications, and specialization's, when given, are taken from the web pages listed.

AFF encourages researchers and help-seekers to investigate each expert and resource organization themselves. One should obtain a variety of points of view before making any decisions, and one should exercise caution.

Many of the following sites may be operated by a group/individual that some may find controversial. We provide this link for the convenience of researchers and other inquirers.

It should be noted that information and opinions posted in news groups, chat forums, Web sites, and other Internet media may sometimes express highly personal and idiosyncratic points of view. AFF does not seek to identify any poster in a chat room format, and consequently cannot vouch for the accuracy of statements there made. By directly or indirectly linking to such sites, AFF in no way suggests or implies agreement or endorsement with the points of view expressed. AFF's goal is to facilitate inquirers' search for information. Inquirers should exercise caution when interpreting the accuracy or utility of information and opinions on the Internet.

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