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About AFF


Psychological Manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements

Supporting Cult Prevention, Assistance, & Recovery


Dear Supporters,

A pioneer in the cult field and a director of AFF, the late Rabbi Maurice Davis said:

"We know, and we must never forget, that every path leads somewhere. The path of segregation leads to lynching. The path of anti-Semitism leads to Auschwitz. The path of cults leads to Jonestown. We ignore this fact at our peril."

I admire this statement because it succinctly expresses what motivates me and so many others who contribute to AFF through donations of money and time: the recognition that, even though most cult situations are far less dramatic than Jonestown, at their heart they reflect the same evil, the evil that has animated all kinds of atrocities and abuses: segregation, concentration camps, the Gulag, and, on an individual level, sexual exploitation of children, spouse abuse, and defrauding the elderly of their life savings. This is the evil of treating human beings as objects to be manipulated and used, to be sucked dry and discarded. This offense to human dignity fuels the moral outrage that impels so many AFF supporters to do their part in fighting this evil.

But there are so many evils in the world! Why do we fight this one?

Because in some way we have all been personally touched by this particular evil. Many of us have been personally involved or had a family member involved. Others, like myself, reached out to help one cult victim, and then another came to us, and then another. Before we knew it, we had a "family" of good people who had been assaulted by this evil and become our friends. Thus, we have all responded to what is a fundamental moral imperative: If we are to fight any evil, we must begin by fighting the evils that have touched us or our loved ones personally. If we don't fight these evils, what evils will we fight? And, to paraphrase a famous saying, if we fight no evil, evil will triumph.

On behalf of the countless individuals and families who have been manipulated, used, and abused by cultic groups and the many dedicated people who fight this evil (especially the growing number of ex-member professionals becoming associated with AFF), I ask you to please join us by making as generous a tax-deductible donation as you can to help AFF continue its important work.

(For more information on what AFF does; our tax-exempt number is 04-2667-828).

Although this web page is oriented toward selling our publications and other resources, we cannot survive on "sales" alone. As a token of our appreciation, we give those who donate (see donation form below):


To all of you who stand with us, we extend our deepest appreciation. We will do all that we can to make you proud to support AFF.

Thank you!


Herbert L. Rosedale, Esq. (Deceased)

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